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[Music: Sipilä & CHARON Lyrics: Leppäluoto] Scream out the word you hurt yourself I stand behind your lies Free all the false disguise that opens path behind your back Crawl down religious mind crawl in my hate esteem Smile face to face with death cry your weakness out in scaffold White seeps are killing black it won't desetve his head to keep Night resolves, night resolves the light will shine so dark Finally you realise that WATER DROWNS you wood can burst you Bleed in my arms, bleed in my arms another night and I'm coming after you [Chorus] I'm rain that falls. I'm wind that breezes. I'm shadow in your night. I'm weak.

Muzica straina melodiei Breeze cuvintele versurile. Cuvinte cuvinte Charon cantece descarca ultima melodie versuri versuri piesa cantece cantece.

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