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Versuri Breaking These Circles

When your mind stays awake and your body cries for sleep Disillusioned from the pain you're in way too deep. As the chains bind your soul and the sweat takes its toll Don't submit to addiction - can't escape the whole world. You're just looking for something - you can't find it in a bottle You accelerate to the limit - Three more hits and the throttle Will take you to the grave - to an early demise - don't expect any mercy If you live in disguise. Preaching again to the multitudes end.Make a promise to stop now 'cause I can't even look in the mirror/A freak, a cruel lie/I've been fooling myself In the images that I've justified. Breaking these circles surrounding me there's a great white light at the End/my life is worth living again and again- Now I believe in the knowledge and now I'm in the light. Breaking these circles - don't repeat all our darkest nightmares The universal man/still in the same place his sin of addiction began........

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