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Versuri Breaking Free

Mourning for what? A lost friend I don't need. I never pressured you to live the way that I do You're tied for last in a one man race, You shoved your views in my face. I don't like it! Why does shit like this tear friends apart, apart - a flip of a coin, that's what you are We must work together and I'm working hard To see the good in everyone I'll see that justice will be done It's my lifestyle that you slag, once my friend now just a drag, A fuckin drag I'm breaking free of friendships dead, I need your fucking guidance like a hole in the head. You look to me for sympathy, you had your chance, now let me fucking be, Let me be I'm Breaking Free

Melodia muzica straina album versurile ultima melodie melodiei. Versurile versuri versuri piesa Gorilla Biscuits piesa Breaking Free album.

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