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Versuri Break another heart

You want the beating of another man's heart You want that face to tear us apart, oh baby You want that love to take you high in the sky I watch you fly with tears in my eyes now this is the end, this is really goodbye... Break another heart, find another fool Take another heart, run and treat it cruel Go break another heart into pieces, baby baby Well I don't want to know and I don't want to stay Go cry to someone else, I will walk away Go break another heart into pieces, baby baby - not mine! I hold a woman I don't know anymore I kiss the lips I've kissed a million times before I love that body but it don't feel the same You play the part in another man's game Och baby, baby - this love is in vain... Break another heart... Thinking 'bout all of the nights I held you so tight Two young hearts in the heat of the night together, side by side... Break another heart...

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