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Brat Girl Lyrics (bend over) Why you runnin round harmin things? gotta do time if you know what i mean you look so cute in that dumfuck dress yr pretty head is such a fuckin mess . . . well i've got something to confess, i'm gonna throw this knife right thru yr chest We're gonna kill spur posse boys, it's the surest way to yr heart lil' boy ain't gonna be yr press darlings i'd rather be fucked and throwin things so get on yr knees and suck my clit if yr gonna lie and say dum shit hey! didn't you hear what i fuckin said? throw that camera right thru yr head thru yr head thru yr head thru yr muthafuckin head you ain't so hip when you look so dead so yr the one who loves me so lettin me know blow by blow . . . now who you callin looks like a whore it never kept you from commin back for more so what the fuck did you think you'd get? you ain't even paid us yet!

Bratmobile ultima melodie ultima melodie. ultima melodie versurile asculta cantece versuri versuri versurile versurile cantece muzica straina Brat Girl ultima melodie.

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