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Watching the final game on TV Here comes the pich from Mr. Tom Henke The pennant is won, it's 1989 And there's a new goal that's burning in my mind. Got a new glove for my birthday that year Combine with a bat and now ya have no fear I practiced real good, and ya I practiced real hard I made a diamond in my backyard. Playin' some baseball in 1989 And I say wow It is just baseball, ya I think that I'll do just fine But I need help. I put on my glove and went to second base That runner was stealing, umpire called him safe So I went to the outfield for the rest of that game But we were the champs, we put the others to shame. George Bell is gone and so is Lloyd Moseby The infield is dominated by Manny Lee Tony Fernandez, Kelly Gruber, McGriff Dave Stieb's on the mound, ya man he's got the gift. Playin' the outfield in 1991 And I say wow If Mookie Wilson were here ya I think that it might be fun But I need help. Kelly Gruber got a triple play Here comes Joe Carter now to save the day Roberto Alomar was number one And I got some tips from Mr. Juan Guzman Patty Hentgen taught me to stay loose Jonny Olerud has got the juice Devon White, Pat Borders each have two rings Two years in a row they were the baseball kings. They won the World Series in 1992, 93 And I say wow How could all of this nonsense have such a great effect on me? And I say wow Collective Bargaining in 1994 This really sucks I've had it with baseball I refuse to touch my glove anymore... Please forgive me Cito Gaston Cito Gaston Please forgive me I need help. Thanks to Ana ( for these lyrics

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