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Versuri Born Reckless

Written by John Mellencamp Spend a lot of time tryin' to grow up Guess I got a lot of growin' up to do Used to tell me sit down, hey shut up Guess they don't know what I was goin' through But I've loved me some girls And I've broken me some hearts A cast in Nova in my own right As I see here watching the sun coming up I guess it's okay, yea its ok To say good night *Born reckless, born reckless Born reckless (watch the family cry) Cause I was born to be reckless Till the day, I die Well you know, I've been shoved around Hey, but I've done my share of the shovin' too I guess you get what you deserve Yeah you get what's comin' to you For the life of me, I don't understand I don't understand, how I ever got you Someone so warm to hold my hand When this world has beat me back through (*Repeat Chorus) Well what I really want to say is I guess I don't know, what it is I really wanna say Anyway the thing is, I'm just surprised That you're still here with me today 'Cause I've lied and I've cheated And I've spit in your face I've taken from you exactly what I need But I want you to know There's no one to take your place How can we embrace love, how can we make love At such an high rate of speed (*Repeat Chorus)

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