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Versuri Boatless Booze Cruise (Part 1)

jackknifed, my strife, take it easy, sit outside. i just died one thousand times yesterday. lay down. drown out, drowning in these cries and shouts. changing so fast that it stays the same. encryption ensconces this cryptic cliche. if it's not stupid, it's more of the same. i'm too tired to care, we're too busy to think. so let's sit bakc and laugh and watch the ship sink. the hull and the bow and the smokestacks disappeared and we watched it go down with a streaming bronx cheer. thank you dear. i will sleep and get up and eat unaware. winter is coming, can you find your coat? let's go watch the water while the bodies still float. slit my throat. it's more than a tad overdue slit my throat. i can't die in here 'til next june. i breathed, it was smokey. i cried. it steamed. i dreamed that i slept and i actually dreamed. don't forget to forget that you forgot me, because when i show up at your door i'm gonna remember that you are my firend and fall asleep o your floor. (repeat shit ad nauseam)

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