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Versuri Bluebird

The streets, the signs are pointing all one way But you don't realize just what they say You may fight, you may run, you may know what you've done It makes me feel so sad to think what I might've had I watch the stars, I watch the sun, now I watch for anyone But it's only make believe You work, you work, you work so hard and then Someone, someone will come around again You may think it's for real, but you know how you feel The places that I go don't feel good anymore I see it all rainbows in fall I see her face upon my wall But it's only make believe Fly away, bluebird fly away for me To a place somewhere far across the sea Fly away, far away, don't look back, go today The waves that crash upon the sand Another place, a far off land And every day, I have to stay, but you are free You could fly away- But it's only make believe

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