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Versuri Blue skies bring tears

Unleash the armageddon So all the children go to heaven I sit by quiet still with their pictures on my eyes You'll draw the guns you're given Write down the words as written And never disturb the presence of resurrection crutch And it's about time It's about drawing near Blue skies bring tears Blue skies bring tears Descend the darkened stairways Make hate with plastic playmates And fire out remaining traces of your self esteem Mainline the deepest secrets Lick clean the dirty fingers I am a stranger to you as you are to yourself And it's about time It's about fear Blue skies bring tears Don't you want me As I awake the city sigh We'll watch the seasons die Blue skies bring tears Take me inside your body Cover me with your soul To the darkest recess Is where I wish to go You are the sweetest flower That I have ever devoured I ask for nothing given For nothing in return Blue skies bring tears

Rock muzica straina descarca muzica versurile ultima melodie Blue skies bring tears melodia Smashing Pumpkins melodia. ultima melodie versuri cantece album versuri cuvintele muzica asculta.

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