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If this is an invitation, well then this is my RSVP. So on your list you can scratch me off. You aren't the foreground and I am not the ground that you can just walk on. I've had enough of the taste of your feet. I'm not wasting away I'm just trying to get through my days, you know like one small leap for mankind. I'd agree that at this point scortched earth policies may be in my best intrest. My social respect...I am willing to lose. Come on and drive it in, I've got pills for the pain. Oh I'm so good at escaping that you'd never known I'd came. I can wash away shadows and with you I can do just the same. If you are a god sent then the devil's my dame. You see it's me and my witchdoctor that need slits for our blades. A velvet lining around a throat is all the rage. A job is a job that won't produce this real change. Let's drive it into a perfect paragraph so we can form a perfect sentence. Like there are motor vehicle things that we can drive across states. So we can try to figure out how to control our own lives, these lives that we live for and how could we forget that we have to die for. There are too many moons in your eyes and not enough roses for those eyes. I drift in and out of concious peaks which causes a real bad case of sleep. Your moves just slice through the air that you move through... let us cut to the chase. You blue rose. (As I drift in and out of these uncouncious peaks of memories) Yes i've played parts in some of the greatest of movies, I'm the best actor that you could meet. No no this is it, I am over it, throwing the towel in. Last rites of the greatest thesbian. You'll see me on the moon and you'll be standing on the ground like porcelain dolls you'll be speechless. I'll be drifting in another place not out of space, just another place. A dream finally realized. I'll be flying with an angel dropping at it's feet. Living in a cole mine caressing gods cheek. I'll be standing on the moon while your standing on the ground I'll be drifting in and out of concious states.

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