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Versuri Blow Me Away You (Niverse)

Reverse, blow me in that black hole down there Return through perfect circle of my retina No Gravity Watch Out! Hang Out! Fuck Off! Beyond! Out Yonder! Upsidedown I bleed on you so ease my pain, Blow Me Away You !!!!!!!!!!! Smash Up! wash away the blood from my body I see this halo of dust all around But my vision is clear I know I don't have any forces left To go the distance La dame des fauves I defy you, Artemis Shoot me between the eyes I want to face the day of reckoning Reunite, I want to embrace your light Implode, explode, both at the same time Destruction, let me disappear, fill my empty, Go to venus ('s) cuvinte melodiei Blow Me Away You (Niverse) versuri Versuri Gojira muzica versurile album mp3 muzica straina muzica album.

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