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I can't forgive and I can't forget It's never simple that way Too proud to let you know Oh know I wish it was so It frightens me to say Why don't I let somebody new Take me home Lately I feel so alone Somebody new would make it easier For me to let you go Oh no So be it Let it be so It's better this way Baby Well you can take me down What a way to go Blow by Blow It's how it always happens In the throws of passion Is it any wonder It's no wonder at all Just to live a lifetime In the space of a lifetime Well it's the hardest thing to do But there'll be nothing after you Blow by Blow Kill me slow Blow by Blow What a way to go Hey hey hey.......... You didn't mean those things you said You didn't mean those things

Melodiei versuri versuri cuvintele Diverse mp3. Mp3 ultima melodie muzica straina Moloko mp3 ultima melodie cantece cantece melodia cuvinte Blow By Blow.

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