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Versuri Blackout

Oh you, you walk on past Your lips cut a smile on your face Your scalding face To the cage, to the cage She was a beauty in a cage Too, too high a price To drink rotting wine from your hands Your fearful hands Get me to a doctor's I've been told Someone's back in town the chips are down I just cut and blackout I'm under Japanese influence And my honour's at stake The weather's grim, ice on the cages Me, I'm Robin Hood and I puff on my cigarette Panthers are steaming, stalking, screaming If you don't stay tonight I will take that plane tonight I've nothing to lose, nothing to gain I'll kiss you in the rain Kiss you in the rain Kiss you in the rain In the rain Get me to the doctor Get me off the streets (get some protection) Get me on my feet (get some direction) Hot air gets me into a blackout Oh, get me off the streets Get some protection Oh get me on my feet (wo-ooh!) While the streets block off Getting some skin exposure to the blackout (get some protection) Get me on my feet (get some direction, wo-ooh!) Oh get me on my feet Get me off the streets (get some protection)

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