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I spent two weeks collecting memories Just cant believe that I might never see you again Ill never have friends like these Tonight I will cry a single tear for Everyday that I stand here Its all the people I call my friends Now its the end Time went winding by Its time to say goodbye Ill sing her in a song before I leave Remind me please Ill send you my cd's Tell me Emily how your life is treating you I miss you too So you say goodbye to Amy Give a hug to Leslie See how things end up When our schedules are free I wish you never happend When we look up all the way Guess Ill let her tell me Ive loved her since last year But ive been too afraid to say Until today Ya ya ya ya Whoa Oh This time now you wont let me fall You wont let me fall You wont let me fall You wont let me fall You wont let me fall back down You wont let me fall too far

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