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Rio Summit, '92 Street people kidnapped Hid from view "To save the earth" Our rulers met Some had other Secret plans No... no... no... no... Biotech Biotech Biotech Say what? Strip-mine the Amazon Of cells of life itself Gold rush for genes is on Natives get nothing Biotech Biotech Biotech Is Godzilla Mutations cooked in labs Money-mad experiments New food + medicine? New germs + accidents! Like Cubatao "World's most polluted town" Air-melts your face Deformed children all around Bio-technology Ain't what's so bad Like all technology It's in the wrong hands Cut-throat corporations Don't give a damn When lots of people die From what they've made Biotech Biotech Biotech Is A.I.D.S.? Stop!!!

Melodia Sepultura melodiei ultima melodie album muzica straina. Versurile versurile versuri Rock piesa versuri piesa Biotech is godzilla album.

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