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She had such tiny tears Just like a Barbie doll She likes to shop at Sears And visit shopping malls Now she's a big mamma Tell poppa Cry, cry, cry, cry Old Money Your old money doesn't matter now Have mercy Mercy, mercy, daddy's going fishing now He put the bait onto his line He's winding out his reel Fish are swimming in the pond Gonna let 'em sail away He's got his eye on you He knows just what she wants The fish is gonna bite She is his latest catch 'Cause he's Big Daddy Oh, mammy Cry, cry, cry, cry Big Daddy Oh, daddy's scraping bottom now Oh, momma Daddy, daddy, daddy does the talking now Mesmerized like horny toads By shiny things like jewels and gold Throwing all their pearls to swing Let 'em sail away You lucky dog You'll be on Easy Street Drinking champagne She gets all that she wants His heart's desire No more worries anymore Like a fairy tale Anything that she likes I seen you do the dog I seen you getting down A swimming back and forth When daddy's not around Big Daddy Oh, she's pretty as a picture now Oh, momma Oh, what a little martyr now He knows how to drive 'em wild One day you'd think she'd see Saying This is mine and this is her. Now take that stuff away It's best left unspoken One and one is two The velvet lies sing softly Each with a golden spoon And she passed her time in the wind and the rain Got a one way ticket on a Southbound train Said baby, baby, wants to have a good time And Big Daddy laughed And Big Daddy smiled Like dynamite One fine day she'll explode Who's laughing now? No one sees anymore Sneak in and out Don't get caught running 'round Swim back and forth Bubbles float to the top piesa muzica muzica cuvinte Big daddy cantece descarca. Album Talking Heads versuri muzica straina cuvintele cantece versuri melodiei mp3 melodia asculta.

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