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Big City Life, Me try fi get by, Pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try. Big City Life, Here my heart have no base, And right now Babylon de pon me case. People in a show, All lined in a row. We just push on by, Its funny, How hard we try. Take a moment to relax. Before you do anything rash. Don't you wanna know me?, Be a friend of mine. I'll share some wisdom with you. Don't you ever get lonely, From time to time Don't let the system get you down [Chorus:] Soon our work is done, All of us one by one. Still we live our lives, As if all this stuff survives. I take a moment to relax, Before I do anything rash. [Bridge:] The Linguist across the seas and the oceans, A permanent Itinerant is what I;ve chosen. I find myself in Big City prison, arisen from the vision of man kind. Designed, to keep me discreetly neatly in the corner, you'll find me with the flora and the fauna and the hardship. Back a yard is where my heart is still I find it hard to depart this Big City Life. [Chorus]

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