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Versuri Better Than Shit

Why do you think that you can save me if I can't even save myself? you condemn me for my actions; just take a look at yourself, hellbent on destruction in everything you do, I don't even know the truth so why not lie to you. All of your persistence will on ly wast your time, if I'm still alive tomorrow than I promise I'll be fine. Remind me to forget you, I think it's for the best, you said that you were different but you're just like all the rest of all the hypocritesand the bullsh*t they're about. Everyone's a liar and I think I'm burning out, it seems like life just ends the same way it begins, so many die with nothing and so few ever win. And you can tell me what you want, you can scream or even cry, but if it passes through your leps I'm gonna know that it's a lie. Suppression creates depression so let your thought flow free, just open up your mind and I promise you will see. Stay within the lines stel your spine make up your mind, you're just like all the rest and you're wating my time. Just like all the rest: an empty heart and a blank mind, now you're killing me and all that's mine...

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