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Telling time, is hard when it rewinds, painting circles around your crimes, what if i told you to die, would you hate me and burn up inside. no traces, no pictures, no sacred glowing scripture, so control your chaos, relax and you can save us. your thrown of injust, a dirty soul of mistrust, it pushes us down, forces us down. CHORUS: What if it all came crashing down all around you, how will you save yourself, if you need one more fix to let it lift, just stop and think becuz it's over. so it's fine if you can't define, all the reasons for losing ur mind, but if i could turn back the time, i'd walk and pretend it's a line no faces, no voices, no painted pain and choices, no control, all chaos, a severed screaming circus. the time, the pain, forces us to run away REPEAT CHORUS YOUR THE BIRTHPLACE OF DISEASE (x2) Ending all ending me (x 2) forever wrapped in chains... REPEAT CHORUS

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