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Now, I hope you won't be late You know how much I hate to wait Believe my heart is in your hands And our life is like a song [Chorus] When you sing along Baby, let it go Believe me, believe me I will wait forever and more For that open door Believe me, believe me Life is more than we can know And faith is something we could show I will love, I will LIVE I will give, I will die Cause our life is like a song Chorus Sometimes we draw the line And people remain where they don't belong It's so easy to say what you mean Sometimes it just goes wide Chorus So easy to say what you mean Just let it all go away (I would wait forever and more for that open door Believe me, believe me)

Versuri Tonic cuvinte muzica romaneasca mp3 ultima melodie Dance melodia asculta. Asculta versuri descarca Believe Me cuvinte ultima melodie cuvinte.

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