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Versuri Behind Closed Doors

Seemingly endless hours... Just another door that hides stagnant life, just another wall that entombs creative drive... Seemingly endless hours Riding on a search of lucidity Seemingly endless hours Hoping to escape obscurity Behind closed eyes an elevated plan takes shape (but notice) Behind closed doors a new lies obscured As clouds enshroud the city, delaying thought and sun, words submit poetic eyes and pave the way for comprimisire. Behind crafty lies, behind listless eyes Behind distant skies a man sees coloured ways Writing prophets foil the plan and innovative deeds. As idle hands fail to unlock the door dreams die silently. Behind closed eyes Behind closed doors... integrity lies obscured Behind Closed Doors piesa versurile. Cuvinte Sieges Even muzica straina descarca melodia asculta versuri cuvintele muzica versuri.

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