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Versuri Before I Go

I look out on the city lights The guarded streets below I marvel at my history The things that I don't know Just another question A shadow on my soul Will there be time Will there be time before I go I left home in a hurry Off to see the world Then I played some music Then I loved a girl Someone called me papa Took my breath away Would I be fine Would I be alright with just today Will there be time enough for me before I go Love without rules Love without end Sending a lofty prayer for peace out on the wind Breaking the curse Breaking the chain..... Making a promise I won't have to make again I look out on the city lights The stories that they tell And wonder at my destiny Beyond this carousel Such a hollow question A tether frayed by fear Will there be time Time to let go while I'm here Will there be time enough for me so I'll know Will there be time enough for me before I go Copyright 1995 Christopher Cross Songs/Moonblind Music

Christopher Cross asculta descarca muzica straina. ultima melodie versuri album Before I Go melodiei versuri album melodia versurile.

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