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Versuri Beautiful Blue

How many times have you opened up this skull With your delicate stone And laughed while my blood splashes Down to the ground She drinks me up like a parched old bone I curse you for the pain And thank you for making me whole again (chorus) I am hopelessly Shamelessly Anointed with you There's no escaping Your beautiful blue The wind blows hot on my flesh Scented with jasmine and roses Ringing with bells And the flutter of a hummingbird You go to speak But the wind blows away your words And from your sweet mouth So many beautiful colours swirl (chorus) Into your blood stained hands A white eagle feather descends And all creation sings And I am remembering (chorus)

Cuvintele versuri Beautiful Blue muzica straina descarca melodia Blue Rodeo ultima melodie versuri cuvintele. Cuvintele cantece versurile piesa piesa asculta melodiei melodia.

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