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With Judy Garland and Ethel Merman Written by Mel Torme Voice: >From Television City in Hollywood, The Judy Garland Show! Judy (Speaking) Good evening! We got a very exciting show planned for you tonight, I, we've marvellous people... (Singing) We've got Barbra Streisand I think she's nice and She has such voice and She got such elegance It's a joy to have her on my show! (Applause) Barbra Judy! It's great to be with you. Judy Be my guest, be my guest Barbra You know, I've been a fan of yours since I was two. Judy Be my guest, be my guest Barbra Well if I really am your guest I have a small request Judy Anything you wanna do Barbra Anything? Judy Anything! Barbra Can I replace you? Judy Be my guest, be my guest (applause because Ethel Merman is entering the studio) Ethel Hi, what a team! Watch the team! Judy I'm just so surprised to see ... you look marvellous Ethel I feel pretty good. I was uhm... Judy You know me fellas Ethel Yeah, how about that, I, I was across the, I am across the hall here I was taping a Red Scelton Show and ... Gee... Judy What did you do belting? Ethel I was belting? I heard you two belting! I heard the noise and that's why I came in here. I just came in to say hello, that's all. Judy And how about this Barbra? What about ... Ethel Yeah, isn't it great, the new belter! Yeah, what's the next thing now after this... the next big thing? That you ... Barbra It's called Funny Girl it's about Fanny Brice you know, Ethel Wonderfull! Have a good... Barbra Based on her romance with Nicky Arnstein. Ethel You have a good composer? Barbra Jule Styne Ethel Oh, Jule Styne, he wrote, he wrote Gipsy, oh my goodness she couldn't have... Oh, you're in good hands girl! versuri muzica straina mp3 descarca melodiei cantece Barbra Streisand Be My Guest. Descarca cuvintele piesa versuri

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