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Lyin in a stone cold room Some would call a cell For poor old barry prossit This one had just been hell The screws went in with batons out And took this young mans life They left behind a family A heartbroken widowed wife Barry prossit dead The papers screamed for justice Put these men in jail Ha barrys friends and family Knew that this would fail The screws at last were brought to court The charges then were read But no-one really knew for sure Who rendered barry prossits dead Barry prossit dead The verdict came as no great shock To those who knew the score And behind that prison walls that night There was an angry roar But life goes on as normal In all the british nicks Cos after all what can you say To men who carry sticks

Cuvintele piesa cuvinte. Piesa muzica straina asculta album versuri versuri mp3 album Exploited piesa Barry prossit.

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