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Versuri Barrel of a gun

Do you mean this horny creep Set upon weary feet Who looks in need of sleep That doesn't come This twisted, tortured mess This bed of sinfulness Who's longing for some rest And feeling numb What do you expect of me What is it you want Whatever you've planned for me I'm not the one A vicious appetite Visits me each night And won't be satisfied Won't be denied An unbearable pain A beating in my brain That leaves the mark of Cain Right here inside What am I supposed to do When everything that I've done Is leading me to conclude I'm not the one Whatever I've done I've been staring down the barrel of a gun Is there something you need from me Are you having your fun I never agreed to be Your holy one Whatever I've done I've been staring down the barrel of a gun

Mp3 Rock versurile versuri Depeche Mode muzica. Versuri muzica muzica straina mp3 Barrel of a gun album descarca melodia mp3.

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