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The summer sun sets a vicious circus when shadows held the world in place But today I felt a chill in my apartment's coolest place Fuggi Regal Fantasima The village larks cannot be heard 'cause all the crows got panderers I can't escape these velvet drapes, don't want my rings to fall off my fingers Fuggi Regal Fantasima The mirror I find hard to face 'Cause I fear its a long way down Got to get away from here, I think I know which hemisphere Crazy me don't think there's pain in Barcelona They dance you 'round a waltz confound But I fear it's a long way down Even if that straw I pull and I got to fight that bull Nothing really compares to Barcelona Besides in Spain Don Juan's to blame But I fear it's a long way down And I fear I won't be around Make sure I have all my papers laying out my summer clothes Search for traps in vain like scratching so my suitcase I can close Fuggi Regal Fantasima

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