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Versuri Bang Your Head

Chorus: Bang your head... bang, your, head! Bang your head... bang, your, head! [Grym Reaper] Rzarector! [Rzarector] You are not the same that I was when I was younger I'm old with the Clan from my land, down under Deep in the darkness, just like you regardless Of who? It's obvious! Wee... ha! So lounge in my burial ground, boy, my despot I build a house on top, of Salem's Lot Front porch, bloody, back yard, muddy Like Amityville, a family kills Force of humanity, drove me to insanity Duel in all my rivalries, I speak of profanity Motherfuck this! Motherfuck that! Bang your, head! Chorus [Someone (Don't know the guy's name)] Here comes the killer with the GraveDigga sword, gimme room Like devils in a Ouiji board I'm spellin' doom Ever since , throwin' mad stones And catchin' on a graveyard shift Thinkin' ain't a new phenom because my crew is on Spots'll blow like nuclear bombs With the killer instinct, rhymes are in synch B-B-B-B-Bang your head til it shrinks! Midnight marauder, bodies are gettin' slaughtered Bring a cross and a bucket of holy water You'll still'a be cajoled, 'cause the motherfuckin' Gravediggaz

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