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I come to hevin which to tell The best nowells that e'er befell To you thir tythings trew I bring And I will of them say and sing. This day to you is born ane child Of Marie meik and Virgin mild That bliss it bairn bening and kind Sall you rejoyce baith hart and mind. Lat us rejoyis and be blyth And with the Hyrdis go full swyth And see what God of his grace hes done Throu Christ to bring us to his throne My saull and life stand up and see Wha lyis in ane cribbe of tree. What Babe is that, sa gude and fair It is Christ, God's son and Air. O my deir hard, yung Jesus sweit Prepair thy creddil in my spreit! And I sall rock thee in my hart And never mair fra thee depart. Bot I sall praise thee evermoir With sangis sweit unto thy gloir The kneis of my hard sall I bow And sing that rycht Balulalow.

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