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Baltimore Oriole Took one look at that mercury, forty below No life for a lady To be draggin' her feathers around in the snow Leaving me blue, off she flew To the Tangipaho - down in Louisiana Where a two - timin' Jaybird Met the divine Miss O I'd like to ruffle his plumage That Baltimore Oriole Messed around with that big guy Till he singed her wings Forgivin' is easy - it's a woman like, now and then Could happen to thing Send her back home Home ain't home without her warbling How she can sing Make a lonely man happy, Baltimore Oriole Come down from that bough Fly to your daddy now.

Descarca ultima melodie album versuri versurile melodiei cantece album melodiei cuvintele George Harrison. Muzica straina piesa cantece asculta versuri Baltimore oriole cuvintele Rock.

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