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Bailamos Esta noche bailamos Te doy toda mi vida Quedate conmigo Tonight we dance I leave my life, in your hands We take the floor Nothing is forbidden anymore Don't let the world dim my sight Don't let the romance go by Nothing can stop us tonight 1-Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over Bailamos Te quiero amor mio, bailamos Gonna live this night forever Bailamos Te quiero amor mio, te quiero Tonight I'm yours We can make it happen I'm so sure Now I'm letting go There is something I think you should know I won't be leaving your side We're gonna dance through the night I'm gonna reach for the stars (repeat 1) (whoa, oh oh oh) Tonight we dance (whoa, oh oh oh) Like no tomorrow (whoa oh oh oh) If you will stay with me Te quiero, mi amor Quedate conmigo, esta noche Quedate mi cielo (repeat 1, 1...COMO TE QUIERO (6))

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