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Versuri Bachelor BoyWhen Gary Married Melanie

When I was young my father said Son I have something to say, and what he told me I'll never forget, until my dying day. He said, Son you are a bachelor boy and that's the way to stay, son you are a bachelor boy: -huh- I wish I was a bloody bachelor boy A happy ba-che-lor was he, But he ain't no more gone is Garry As he ditched, when he got hitched to a witch and a bitch called melanie Who's that then - Garry Slouched on the couch with that cow, There ain't any doubt there's no escape Now off his head, concerted Instead he wed, Melanie [Chorus] He said, I only wanted to stay But the silly sucker, drained his life away I only wanted to be and he took no notice of me and it's all over now -huh- for Garry The bag nagged/asked to have a kid The most * that Garry ever did Stuck in a rut, he knows he's a nut, with a pain in th butt called Melanie [Chorus] [Guitar Bit] Off his head, off his * Garry was a sucker when he married Melanie [Chorus]

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