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[50 Cent] Ahhhhhh! G-Unit! [Intro/Chorus - 50 Cent] Baby you got, you got, you got, you got what I want Baby you got, you got, you got, you got what I need Now shake that thang Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it up Girl shake that thang Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it up [Chorus - 50 Cent] Baby you got Hips that hypnotize When you walk I can't help but watch you shake I love the way you shake (Baby you got) Hips that make a nigga fantasize I could spend a day lost in your eyes (Baby you got) Some kind of control on me Feels like you got a hold on me (Baby you got) My imagination running wild Infatuated with your physical, damn, I like your style [Verse 1 - 50 Cent] It's something about your style, it's something about your smile It's something about you making me want you right now If you don't like me, then don't listen to me Lord knows I spit that G that have you coming out your clothes I'm a professional when I become sexual You need a chaperone to bring your girlfriend next to you Don't it sound like phone sex, kinky, when I talk switch the slang Partner, tell that nigga from New York, shorty Come ride on my roller coaster Porn star stamina, I try not to damage ya Unlimited tongue action 'til you're climaxin' Foreplay, you can have it your way I follow directions, whoa, your jiggling baby Back shots have your whole back wiggling crazy After sipping on Nightrain, that potent pipe game I have you saying slow down baby [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Young Buck] Baby it's hard to look and don't touch Girl the way you strut dressed in your Von Dutch I don't know if it's your lips or your hips that got me Or the way that ass bounce when you move your body I'm parked outside in the blue Denali There's room for two, just me and you, if you 'bout it Ice from Tiffany & Co., Norma Kamali footwear I spend g's, I'm a G, that's a good look girl You need a thug that can handle that One dose'll make you go and put my name on your back Whenever you pass through, whatever they ask you Just tell em you my boo, and show em your tattoo, ooohh Don't hurt nobody baby When you drop to the ground and drive me crazy I done been around the world, and I finally found ya Now back that ass up and let me get behind ya (ahhh!) [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Lloyd Banks] Baby you've got a hell of a first impression Making me wanna ask you a personal question Like Are you flexible? and How do you like it? Give me a little input, I'm not a psychic Cuz you can exit as soon as you get the ok You got a body like the cold ray, hey I need a drink, I'll be right back But before I go, do that little dance, yeah, just like that It's late, I have to score, This blue drink tastes good, don't it? Sure it does, now have some more I'm deep, but she got her ladies wit her So bring em, I'll call ya a babysitter So we can hit the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn I'm contemplatin' how my time's spent Cuz I'm bent, and I'm as hard as a brick, love You move like you work in a strip club [Chorus]

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