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Versuri Babs And Babs

(Daryl Hall) Babs and Babs lay dreaming in a four poster bed Arm in arm, head to head, Babs and Babs Babs said, Whatcha thinking? She said, Nothing But I never do 'cause I leave it up to you Babs looked out the window Saw the moon and the sky She saw the clouds drifting by Voices crying and sighing and dying but she said nothing Look out on the lawn, there's a moon out tonight There's a moon out tonight, can'tcha see? Silver dreams don't move me or your talk of the stars And this isn't the time or place to make a fool of me. No one wants to hear you when you're slipping away And the light of your day always shows up the strength of your vision. But she said nothing. So Babs said Don't you worry, I'll take good care of you You're lack of feeling's a rotten thing But I'll show you what to do. Girl, you've got to get away Girl, you've got to feel, oh, yeah. Babs said Don't you patronize me, I'm fine the way I am At least I know what's happening And I know just where I stand. You live alone you die alone When your dreams all fade away, oh, yeah. Never compromising, never see eye to eye So they turn, with a sigh, Babs and Babs Have to be together like the night and the day So they might as well stay the best of friends. Locked in love we leave them with the moon in the sky With the clouds drifting by Voices crying and sighing and dying and we say nothing She said nothing

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