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Turn through the pages back in your life The world in changes got you under the knife It don't turn matter what you say You go 'round throw it all away Lost in action...torn and tired Cool talkin' when your face is on fire Scarred romances...cast away Rollin' stoned...don't turn away Break the silence Send a message...a message of love Lost through the ages back in your mind You know what's yours...can you tell me what's mine Old man trouble come knockin' at your door He run you in circles...throw you down on the floor Crimes of passion...paranoid it's search and destroy Close relations...bound and gagged Share the news...don't turn away Break the silence Send a message...a message of love Heads and shoulders...ball and chain Don't charge me when I try to explain Reputations...modern jivers Gentle souls...all break the silence Break the silence Send a message...a message of love

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