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Leonard Feather Well good morning baby welcome back to town How'd, fine papa, welcome back to town You're doing so much travelling never know When you'll be around You're a fine and mellow fellow But you're stubborn as a mule You love me like an angel But you treat me like a fool Two-faced daddy don't hand me no doublecross You'll see any time I'm ready I can tell you baby get lost You're cheating on the outside Doing anything you choose You better come back on the inside 'Cause you got too much to lose Don't want no trouble I've got to be the boss And if you can't play it my way Well now baby get lost I try to stop your cheating But I just don't have the time 'Cause I got so many men that They're standing right in line Keep cool papa, you got to corne across 'Cause any time I'm ready, yes any time I'm ready You know when I'm ready I can tell you baby get lost Why don't you get lost

Muzica melodia cuvintele cuvintele cuvinte muzica straina versuri. Billie Holiday descarca muzica album cuvintele BABY GET LOST versuri ultima melodie.

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