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He fell in love with the au pair When she ran her fingers through his hair And said: It's silky He knew, of course, that he ought to be feeling guilty But, no, he didn't care at all He hadn't felt this great in years Meanwhile, his wife's upstairs, in tears Well, it's so corny Her world's turned upside down because he felt horny So tell me, how can it be fair? But as they drive away she wonders just how long It'll take for him to realise how much he's wrong And when he comes home in disgrace She'll slam the door right in his face Well it's so sleazy (Her: I wish you could see me in a white dress, looking divine) He won't find coming back here quite as easy (Her: I wish you could hear me sing like I did, my hymns and rhymes) As he found going away But as they disappear she hopes it won't be long Before he ends up realising that he's wrong

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