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Is it possible for you to claim a land You've never seen To talk about a far away place you've Never been Imagine a city buried beneath the sea An ideallic island Calm and serene Untouched by civilizations uncivilized Hane lies a land at 20,000 leagues Fighting over street corners but never Own the rocks Homeboys closest to the foundations when Lying in a box Imagining cities butried beneath the sea And ideallic islands calm and serene Untouched by civilizations uncivilized Hand lies a land at 20,000 leagues Hidden from discovery Faith remains the same Underground street heroes never played The game And then Columbus came Introduced his ways His midas touch turned golden sands back Into dust Now morals rusting and decaying Where is where is Atlanta

Melodia Atlanta album melodiei versurile. Cuvinte cantece cantece Attica Blues versuri descarca versuri melodiei asculta cantece muzica straina.

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