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Versuri At The Dawn I Wept

At the Dawn I Rose Just to Behold Her Grace And I Sighed Before the Beauty That Veiled So Tenderly The Death Inside of Her And atthe Dawn I Spoke With Words She Could Not Hear And Snow, It Fell So Full of Misery Like the Blood From Thy Heaven Like the Feathers of Divine So Softly She Slept Away That She Could Not See the Day And the Darkness, that Fell with It And at the Dawn I Wept As I Hold Up Her Hand Against My Armour With Blood Her Hair Was Stained And Her Eyes, Shut so Beautyfully As the Kingdom Died

Cantece ultima melodie album versuri ultima melodie muzica straina cantece versurile. Cuvinte At The Dawn I Wept versurile cuvintele versuri asculta versurile Silentium.

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