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Versuri At Sixes And Sevens

In times of strife you seem to lose it all, and more somehow No waning life can retrieve it Can't make the world a better place to thrive nor can I keep on persisting You're on the wane in funereal winds with a thousand winters within You're life unveil its weary eyes Sun sets in somber skies Your waning desires brought to fire where your withering life has been mourned For a thousand years, where the pain blend with ire and the night enflames us both Walk down the narrow path Years of decay Feel life's soul-inflicting hurt once again You're dying now You make it feel somewhat divine Your lenient eyes are somewhat healing You make it feel the less a strife now A precious life cease persisting You're on the wane and eden's hewn falter still under a funereal moon Your tears they sweep upon life's shore until the day you weep no more Sunset's on the wane In life we suffer the same When sundown comes around stalking strangers on hollowed ground Endarkened souls entwined together at the end of life Embrace the new divine or suffer another lifetime I can feel the flames the fire lick me in vain My life can't be regained not now, nor then, nor ever again We cross our feeble hearts the day our souls depart Life move in strangest ways We died somewhat, somehow in every day

Sirenia cantece melodia cantece muzica straina mp3 ultima melodie. Ultima melodie descarca cuvinte versuri cantece muzica versuri At Sixes And Sevens.

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