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Versuri Ascension Of A Divine Ordinance

I see the crusade of mentally disturbed persons All kinds of mutilated and distraught human beings Drag alone to the shrouded legend realm They are suspended high over the burning earth And leave their earthly existance for their new life You were redeemed of your worldly torments Torments of isolation, injustice, lies Maltreatment, abandonment, mutilation and genocide Choirs of redemption resound through the sky Tombones complete the ascent of the deformed creatures The way is far Their bodies soar Angels appear and escort them to their new life Feelings of pleasure, releif and blissfulness With their white vestment they look so innocent They embody the pure joie de vivre Which they had missed in their past life The cherubs lead the crusade to the dark tunnel At the end of the tube, there is a bright light This will be the end of their long trip To the unknown fourth dimension Nobody knows what's behind the light And what they will do there They are suspended so easily together with the angels I'm losing sight of the ones right at the front They suffered Since the beginning Now they've left the Earthly existence The ascent brings Eternal bliss To everyone On the crusade You're still asking yourself, will it be better, the new life? Will you get the chance to live a normal life? Were you living a bad life as a person, in your life before? Your biggest dream was to see god, when you arrived at the gates of heaven Can you see him?

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