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[l:Thrall/Salles m:Salles/Thrall] And I'm still living that moment... I hear in the symphony of winds, The whispering of her voice Echoing beautifully in my thoughts; The supreme melody of enchantment Embracing me in pure ecstasy. I'm living in my fantasy Bringing my winter with graciousness Guiding myself unto cloudy skies She casts the lies in my head. Drinking my wine with relish She's using all her malice She holds my hands in glee Leaving me in misery Immortal beauty, endless cruelty Am I worthy of her passion? Or even to touch her body when the night falls? Freeze with the ocean of heartless emotions Deal with the fact that she's not there Grasp for an answer to all simple chapters Read with the insight of unsecurity Fate becomes desolated Observing all the suffering That she brought me I'll embrace her soul Not like before I'll be coming with my blackened heart. Into the emptiness of darkness A great lament has been heard, Flesh and soul were united In the scars of a cursed past Through never-ending fevered nightmares My tears shall bring grave sickness to mankind

Mp3 melodiei muzica straina As Years Pass By muzica descarca Avec Tristesse. Ultima melodie cuvintele versuri mp3 album melodiei versuri descarca.

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