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I've spent my sentence below, I've skinny dipped in the Styx. I've had my fun with your minds, I broke it off at the wrist. I've held this blood, held my tongue Till I was rotting and stripped. I've gotten bored with the gun, I'm even over the fist. I have no heaven to pay, I have no hell to resist. I'd say salvation's at bey, Repent is not on my list. Are you recieving my call, Said are you getting the gist? So pin your heart to the wall, Run screaming into the mist. What is it, sex that you seek? Have you come to the right place. Prefer it all over me, or like it back in your face? You could be jaded by now, if not the time that you waste. Your hesitation betrays, To late you'll find you're replaced. When will you learn from your flaws, Hope it's before you're erased. Choking on bullets gets old, once you get used to the taste. Archangel You are the devil in me...

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