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Versuri Apparition

Apparition is the name Of a friend Who goes away in the end You are my cancer and You kept me going and All this time all I could do Was feel you and touch you And feel the blackness of your skin It became the blackness of your heart Inside you would laugh And I would have to laugh Chorus Ha, ha ha haââ¬Â¦. Youââ¬â¢re my cancer All this time I thought that you were The same that you were just stubborn That you hadnââ¬â¢t changed and you had changed Back into what you used to be Into what you said youââ¬â¢d never be again And here you go again spinning round and round Chorus

Muzica straina Apparition melodia cuvintele. Coal Chamber versuri asculta ultima melodie album descarca cuvinte versurile melodiei versuri.

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