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Versuri Apostles Of Defiance

[Music: S. Drover, G. Drover] [Lyrics: S. Drover] [Theme - Glen] Born into fire - embellished into flames Arise from fury - you are inept to refrain Your chosen life - a life of death You will conform - to the apostles realm Apostles of defiance In sequence you will burn Stand before the monarch - in sequence to burn absorbsion into hatred -for the next sadistic feast Fondness for the flame - from the depths you seek Denial nullified - bathe in the blood of serenity Apostles of defiance In sequence you will burn Years of treachery and deceit Amidst decay - your thirst to seek The countless lives you've wasted The defiant 1 - you breathe Retina zero's in - your lifeline slips away Apostles gift now clear - eternal hellish world Apostles of defiance In sequence we will burn Apostles of defiance In sequence you will burn

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