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Versuri Any Day Now

There's a girl I want to be mine I want to have her all the time I'm gonna let her see what's here And make sure she'll always be near We laugh about Snickers Bars She's gonna be a T.V. star Out of style is just her type And that's whey I could be right Chorus: Any day now In some old fashioned way I'm gonna let her know Her profile makes me smile (I'm gonna make her smile) She likes to shopw and she loves her ring One day I'm gonna take her skiing You know we can always have fun If it means we have to run She can't help but say things twice I can't help but say things twice Dr. Seuss, she likes to read him She likes listening to Atheneaum Chorus x2 I hope you heard this song and it did not make you mad I hope you heard this song I hope you love this song Chorus:

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