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You must retreat now I just can't talk anymore Your words make me empty inside There's nothing left of you Time seems to change Thoughts I have for you Now I'm so alive But you seem to be Drowning every minute I say that's life You say it's alright I can't be your answer and I don't want to follow you Into your cloud I am tired of being the one To live and learn from your mistakes I'm just so sick of my mind It sees us like a light Shining bright In the middle Don't you see us smiling now You say that's life I say it's alright CHORUS Please open your eyes See where you sleep tonight I hope you never call it home But your bound to live bound to die in it You say that's life I say I'll still be here CHORUS Answer man muzica straina mp3 cuvintele cantece. Versuri asculta versurile Hootie and The Blowfish asculta piesa cuvinte cantece versuri cantece.

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