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Versuri Another Friday Night

With my blood there will be no compromise. born into this world with everything. you had too much to give. with your bullshit attitude you lost it all. another friday night another place to kill yourself. another friday night another fucking place to die. with my blood pressure from the daily grind. yeah it fucking scks at least i have my family until the day i die. i owe it to myself and to my friends to be strong. until the day i die. if there is one thing i will never forget. its those fucking days. when you walked alone, all alone. we shared a bond thats never broken. and that bond. that fucking bond will die with me. Your fucking empty and you will die alone.

Melodiei cuvintele cantece cantece muzica. Album Embrace Today cuvintele asculta versuri versuri muzica straina Another Friday Night cuvintele melodiei.

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