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Versuri Angel wings

(Yarabi, yarabi, yarabi) (Yarabi, yarabi, yarabi) Singing is like watching the sun Shining star at the end of the time You said you'd never get lost Falling star among the dust. Memories are beginning to fade Looking back all I see is a shade I knew that you would be lost Now I see you like a ghost. (Yarabi, yarabi, yarabi) (Yarabi, yarabi, yarabi) In my dreams I believe when I see Angel wings and the beautiful sea The star has fallen to me Only love can set me free. Now I'm here at the end of my time I am waiting for me to be mine Come back from the other side Shine again and give me life. (x2): God, don't give me up on me Please, let me set her free Give me power to see Where is the light... (Yarabi, yarabi, yarabi) (Yarabi, yarabi, yarabi)

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